Step 2 Wagon for Two Plus
This is the perfect classic wagon for toddlers and preschoolers to ride in! The innovative and durable design of this kid's riding toy provides children with comfort and room to lounge. Enjoy spending time with your kids outside as you pull this children's wagon around the park or neighborhood. To maximize outdoor play, kids can store their stuffed animals or snacks in the storage compartment, or adults can use it as an outdoor utility wagon to carry garden supplies around the front or backyard. Made in the good old USA with imported parts. Used, bit in good condition. Below are some of the features...
* Easy-latch door opens for easy access
* Two contoured seats and deep leg wells
* Storage compartment under the rear seat
* Long handle makes pulling this wagon a breeze
* Large 20cm wheels
* Molded-in drain holes prevents flooding
* Two molded-in cup holders
* Fold under handle for easy storage
* Maximum weight 75 lbs (33.75kg)